The Chiefs GM Was Present On Patrick Mahomes’s Worst Day And Still Drafted Him

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Last year, Texas Tech was absolutely massacred by Iowa State to the tune of 66-10. It was the worst loss of an extremely frustrating season for the Red Raiders. For superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, it was one of the worst outings of his entire career. He went 18/36 for 219 yards and had one touchdown to two interceptions, he also rushed for a net negative yards.

It could’ve been even more disastrous for Mahomes, in attendance was Chiefs GM John Dorsey. The Chiefs would end up trading up for Mahomes. When asked if he remembers Mahomes throwing a good ball that day, Dorsey replied,“I can’t remember, no.”

The terrible outcome actually helped Mahomes in the long run. Dorsey stated that he had already seen him make all the throws, he was looking for the intangibles. Earlier in the season, Mahomes had hurt his shoulder in a home bout with the Kansas Jayhawks. He left late in the first quarter with the score at 7-3 in favor of Iowa State.

The scales tipped in Mahomes’s favor in Dorsey’s eyes when he came back into the game despite his shoulder bothering him. Dorsey said, “To me, I’m looking for his toughness and competitive grit. That was on full display that game.”


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