Co-Offensive Coordinator Leaves Baylor For Washington

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Well, you can say this about Matt Lubick’s tenure at Baylor – It lasted a month longer than his tenure at Ole Miss.

Lubick is leaving Baylor for Washington after just six weeks on the job. His time with the Rebels was even less, Lubick only spent two weeks at Ole Miss.

He will have the same position at Washington, Co-Offensive Coordinator and Wide Receivers Coach. Lubick is known as a fantastic recruiter, and was named’s Wide Receivers Coach Of The Year for the 2012 season, when he was at Duke.

To say that Lubick has had an eventful offseason is to say that Moby Dick was a pretty big whale, it’s to say that space flight can be expensive. Lubick started the offseason at Oregon, and was not retained after the firing of Mark Helfrich. He then went to Ole Miss, then left for Baylor, and now has left for Washington.


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