D’Onta Foreman Runs Insanely Fast 40 For His Size At UT Pro Day

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Photo via Hunter Cooke, TexasHSFootball.com


Well, D’Onta Foreman has made himself some very serious money today. The Longhorn running back was injured at the NFL Combine, and didn’t run the 40 yard dash. Today, at his pro day, he ran somewhere in the 4.45 area, which means that he’ll be making some serious money.

For a man his size, he is insanely fast. He’s 246 pounds, running faster than most of the wide receivers, some of whom are anywhere to 60-80 pounds lighter than him.

The NFL has put less of a premium on running backs lately, based on the fact that they naturally have a shorter shelf life than other players. They get beat up and smacked nearly every single play by some of the toughest people in the NFL. If you can get a solid running back later in the draft, it’s generally better for your franchise.

In other years, this would’ve all but guaranteed a top 15 picks for Foreman. In these days, there’s a chance he could slip as far as the late second round. Not because he’s bad or a bad prospect, but because the NFL doesn’t have a premium on it.

Despite all of this, Foreman will probably still go in the first round. Most analysts have him projected there, and his speed has all but guaranteed it.


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