El Paso schools ordered to not open until Sept. 8

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High school football fans in Chucotown will have to wait a little longer to cheer on their schools as health leaders have ordered both public and private schools to delay in-person teaching until early September in the wake of increased cases of COVID-19.

El Paso City/County Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza ordered pre-K-12 grade classrooms to remain closed until after Sept. 7 and the order includes a provision prohibiting extracurricular activities and sports from taking place until the schools were open for on-campus instruction.

COVID-19 have been on a sharp increase in the last five weeks.

According to figures released by the city of El Paso there were 3,213 positive cases, 2,133 recovered cases and 90 deaths on June 5. Those numbers have climbed to 6,389 positive cases, 4,034 recovered cases and 132 deaths on July 2.

The order likely eliminates non-district football and volleyball games and limits travel for cross country.

The Texas Education Agency mandates that school districts can phase in on-campus instruction for the first three weeks of the school year before they must offer daily on-campus learning to all parents and students.

Sources: http://epstrong.org/documents/covid19/2020.07.09%20Orders%20for%20School%20Systems%20Reopening.pdf?1594354333


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