Football, Family and The American Dream

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We are a family born and raised in the West tip of Texas! El Paso is home for us and in 2008 I married my best friend, Lu-lu and the adventure began! Our Lord blessed us with two won-derful, loving and healthy children, Isabella and Miguel Angel.

I graduated from UTEP and began my career. I teach English and AVID at Pebble Hills High School and have coached Football at the high school and junior high levels for 8 years. I am currently the Head Coach for our Junior High, SSG Manuel R. Puentes Middle–Home of the Mighty Bobcats! What can I say, I love my job!

I have always believed in the importance of good film and believe winning games starts at practice.

I wanted to film practice better with an elevated birds-eye view. Our school had a major problem to hurdle…limited funds. I began to explore solutions and found the large telescoping end zone cameras, and drones.  The end zone cameras all ranged between $2,000 to $5,000+, and the drones although sub $1,000 left us with the issue of finding a qualified drone pilot—which also costs more money.  I also needed to find something simple that anyone could do with ease.

The wheels started turning…

After several prototypes we found the solution to our problem.

We discovered a simple solution with a telescoping birds-eye view that even my junior high aides could operate.  This simple solution also kept costs down by allowing us to use our smart phones to connect to the camera. Running the camera 12 feet from the smart device then began to pose its own problems.  When we separated the camera from the smart device we lost our internal wifi.  With the development of the parabolic hood you find on all Game Plan Cams the devices stay connected, problem solved.

My wife Lulu then asked me, “If you love it so much, don’t you think maybe other Coaches would find it helpful?” The light bulb came on and The Game Plan Cam came into action!

As it is with any product developed it wasn’t done overnight….quite the opposite. We persevered and found the answer to a lot of teams problems of getting quality practice and game film at an affordable price, and accomplished the dream of starting our own business.

If you’re like me and you find yourself battling a school or league’s tight budget I would encourage you to check us out online at Or feel free to drop us an email to [email protected].  ~ Mike Trevizo

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