Future Star Player Spotlight: Jaden Wincher, Clear Brook High School

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Jaden Wincher

Clear Brook High School

Position: DE / RB

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 235lbs


What was the highlight of your 2020 Season?

We were playing Dickinson,  I was playing defensive end and  jumped up and intercepted the quarterback’s pass I ran it back 40 yards.

Who was the best player on an opposing team that you played against?

Ashton Honore Clear Springs tough running back. Runs downhill very well.

Who is your favorite NFL player?

Aaron Donald he plays physical and understands the game to the fullest.


What is your favorite sport or activity besides football?

I also play baseball, when most see me they don’t think I play baseball because of my size but when they see me play they say oh you can really play baseball. Best part is when I get on base and I start stealing bases they are surprised I have the speed to steal bases being in 6ft 2in 235lbs. I also love lifting weights it helps me relax and challenge myself. Last year when Covid hit and they closed schools I took that  time and worked out every day with my dad and gained 35lbs of muscle and got faster. What’s better then a big strong DE who can run to.

What is your favorite subject in school?

Biology is my favorite subject my friends think I’m crazy but I really enjoy it.

Name Names – Which Teammate would win:

A.  a Madden tournament?

Had to say it but I’m winning for sure.

B.  a Dance-Off competition?

Donovan he has the craziest dance moves and he does not  miss a beat

C. 40-yard dash challenge?

Sage he just got some wheels.

D. a Bench Press challenge?

I’m winning the bench press challenge I’ve worked to hard not to get that win.

E. a game of Jeopardy?

Ethan he has all the answers, jeopardy guru


Why do you love football?

Football is my happy place, no matter what’s going on in my life I know the football field will always be true to me.  It’s a place I can express myself, challenge myself, and lead my teammates.

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