Garret McGuire, UNDENIABLE

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Photo via @garret_mcguire7
By: Kyle Spishock
September 23rd, 2016


We see it in various stages of life — the bell tolls, and the ambitious are summoned to the chime. It could be the intern in the workplace, eager to ascend mundane tasks when given a particularly demanding assignment, or the college student hammering out that extra paragraph, emphasizing a hypothesis and making the leap from a lower grade to a higher one. Sometimes, it’s a community member, rallying behind a cause for the betterment of their neighbor.

We at TexasHSFootball have the privilege of often seeing it on the field — the gridiron a stage portraying a scenario where dogged preparation is rewarded with practiced capability. Cedar Hill coach Joey McGuire’s son, Garret McGuire, answered the call; when the criticism and doubt for the Longhorn program was deafening, Garret McGuire muffled the antagonistic noise, stepping up in the pocket and delivering two consecutive victories for his team.

According to Coach McGuire, Garret’s life ambition is to be a football coach. With a high IQ for the game, and a detail-minded approach, McGuire portrayed these attributes during an improbable comeback in his debut against Mansfield. Down 20 points — and with his team on the cusp of an 0-2 start — he opted not to curl into a submissive ball of defeat. Instead, he steadily chipped away at the lead like a patient artist chiseling marble, gradually transforming a piece of stone into a sculpture. With grit and determination, the Longhorns meticulously crawled back into the game; a last drive by Marquise Foreman with 4 seconds remaining put the finishing touches on McGuire’s masterpiece, finishing with 256 total yards of offense and two touchdown passes.

In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says it takes roughly ten thousand hours to master any field. Further proving that philosophy, McGuire looked outstanding, torching Mesquite Horn 59-21, ending the day with 290 total yards of offense and three touchdown passes.

With four-star quarterback Avery Davis returning as a game-time decision for today’s contest against Desoto, it’s likely McGuire will continue shadowing the Notre Dame commit. However, his diligence when the chips were down is what impressed us most; opportunity knocked, and he was more than willing to answer the door.

It’s what makes Garret McGuire our Athlete of the Week, and his undeniable tenacity… undeniable!

Garrett McGuire Cedar Hill QB…UNDENIABLE from on Vimeo.




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