GOODBYE TO MY TEAM: Kaedric Cobbs’ farewell letter to his school and his teammates

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I do not know what the future may bring, but I know the lessons that I’ve learned playing Texas High School football have helped make me a better man.  Growing up in the Lone Star State, you very quickly learn, our State Creed should be:  faith, family and football.  My faith in Jesus, the love for my family and my football career have helped reinforce four disciplines that yield success in life and in the game of football.  Like the game I love, I have broken these philosophical thoughts into four quarters. 

1st Quarter: Have an “it’s not about me attitude”

  • Take the focus off your wants and needs and focus on TEAM success.  
  • Individual accolades, including scholarship, should be a bi-product of TEAM success. 
  • Work hard with care, love, and respect for your community, teammates and coaches

2nd Quarter: Respect the “brand” you play for 

  • Trust the process of development within your program. 
  • Trust the experience of your coaches.
  • Be loyal to your program through good and bad times.

3rd Quarter: Have faith

  • Believe what God has for you, it’s yours!!! NO ONE can take it away
  • Your prize is on the other side of your pain, stay the course through the storm.
  • Your coaches want you to be successful but will not compromise team success. Do not take “no” personal.  

4th Quarter:  Win the day

  • Be the hardest worker in the room, this includes the weight room and classroom.
  • Glorify God in every aspect of life
  • Do right, even when you think no one is watching
  • Work to leave your program better than you found it

I appreciate the Denton Community for the love and support during the past three years.  To the Denton Guyer Booster Club, the wonderful teaching staff and administrators at Guyer HS, the athletic trainers, all of the Guyer Coaching staff, the Guyer Band, the Blue Crew, the cheerleaders, the Silvos, JROTC, the Lantana Wildcat Organization, and most importantly to my amazing teammates, I say thank you for making high school football such an enjoyable and memorable experience.  A special thank you to Coach Michael Sampson, Coach Kyle Keese, my mom and dad for always pushing me to be the best version of myself.  I cannot forget to show love to my biggest fan and most loyal supporter, my second grade teacher Mrs. Hack.

I will always call Denton my home and I promise to represent this community in a way that will bring pride to My Wildcat Family.     

My dad says, “The world will always fear what it doesn’t understand and hate what it can’t conquer.”   Therefore, surround yourself with good people.  Wake-up each morning putting one foot in front of the other.  Believe in yourself even when no one else does, while working hard and staying humble.  Let your ultimate motivation be love for your community, teammates and coaches and also allow all your words and actions to bring glory to God. 

Doing it ALL in the name of Jesus,
Kaedric Cobbs
Colossians 3:17     

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