Hernandez Looking for Continued Success as New Head Football Coach of Plains

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By Nick Alvarado @theroyreport

Former Stamford defensive coordinator Robert Hernandez, is now, the new athletic director and head football coach of Plains High School. Plains is about an hour southwest of Lubbock, for those unfamiliar with the town. Hernandez is the first hispanic athletic coach in the school’s history.

Photo by Stamford Athletics
Photo by Stamford Athletics

 “Before I was the defensive coordinator at Stamford, I was the OC at Iraan, the athletic director and head coach at Ozona, and then Rocksprings. That’s where I got 12 years of head coaching and AD experience.” Coach Hernandez said. 

Hernandez has three sons, one who has graduated from Angelo State, with playing experience for the Rams, and will be alongside his father, coaching the cowboys. 

Hernandez has not only been a head coach and athletic director for 12 years but a coordinator for six years. 

“I was an offensive coordinator for Plainview, which was a 5A back then, and then Borger, which was a 4A. I spent four years at Borger.”

Hernandez then went back to his hometown of Sterling City to coach for four years.

“I’m starting my 31st year coaching,” Hernandez said. “I’ve been very fortunate in my career.”

Hernandez has preached the love for the game to athletes throughout his career and hopes to do the same in Plains.

Photo by @plains_isd
Photo by @plains_isd

“I want to teach kids what athletics is about,” Hernandez said. “This isn’t about how many games or matches you can win. I think that if you make it about that, its when you have losing seasons. When you step back and look at what it’s all about, there’s no way you can lose.”

Hernandez is bring a winning tradition to Plains his winning percentage little over 70 percent as a head coach. 

Plains fans are unfamiliar with the teams from the Big Country area in their district with Hamlin, Roby and Roscoe. For Hernandez, it’s familiar territory.

“When I saw the draw of the district, I’m knew I was going to be an asset at Plains because it’s nothing unfamiliar. The kids from Plains are going to get to benefit from that.”

The Cowboys kick off their 2016 season at home against Lubbock Christian on August 26. 

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