How To Be A Great Football Player

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There is no doubt that the title of this post is loaded with a thousand possible answers. However, one thing stands at the top of the list.  If you want to be great you have to surround yourself with great players who have actually achieved greatness.


GOAT stands for “Greatest Of All Time”, and athletes everywhere will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually work and train with some of the greatest football players to ever play the game.

About a week ago I had the opportunity to connect with my friend and former NFL player Cris Dishman about his G.O.A.T DB skills camp he is running with a few friends you may have heard of like, Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson and Darrell Green that starts June 8th.

My immediate reaction to the guys that will be working with these young athletes was….WOW, what a huge opportunity for these young men to be taught and mentored by these storied athletes, three of them are Hall of Famers!  When I asked Cris about why he was putting on the camp he responded, “for the love of the game and coaching”.  He followed that with, “I’m a coach at heart and there is nothing I would rather be doing than working with these young men as a mentor and a coach”.

The GOAT DB skills camp has limited space available.

The space is being capped to keep the player coach ratio very low so each athlete gets the time they need. It goes without saying that this opportunity is a once in a lifetime chance for any young man. Imagine the experience gained after working with these legendary players!

It is a great honor for us to announce that is the official sponsor of the 1st Annual G.O.A.T. DB Skills Camp to be held from June 8th-June 10th at Shadow Creek High School.

For more information and to register please visit

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