Instant Analysis: Army 38, North Texas 31

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North Texas found a way to match Army’s physicality. 

At the beginning of the game it really looked like Army was just going to pound the ball down UNT’s throat and there was nothing the Mean Green could do to stop it. They began getting third down stops, they began making the correct reads, and eventually fought their way back into a game that they honestly had no business being in. They sent this sucker to overtime, which seemed so far out of the conversation in the first quarter.

The near death blow for army was the missed PATs, four to be exact. The Black Knights were making the Mean Green puke on the field. The option was clicking, Army ran for a total of 480 yards. However, most of those scoring plays came in the first half, when Army went up 24-7. Kudos to the Mean Green for matching that.

UNT was just a couple plays away.

This was a beautiful game, full of fantastic plays, tough running, and most importantly, mistakes. The just-misses, the picks, all of the things where Mean Green was so close ended up coming back to bite them. 5-12 on 3rd down is not going to cut it. 2 interceptions is not going to cut it. Allowing Army to go 2-4 on 4th down is not going to cut it.

In a game where often the team that executes the best wins, the Mean Green were close. When you play a team like Army though, close just isn’t good enough. They were all over the Black Knights at the end of each half, which is normally a signal that you’re going to win the game, but there just wasn’t enough Alec Morris magic.

Speaking of Alec Morris, he had a fantastic comeback. 

Morris hasn’t been having the best season. Coming into this game, he was completing around 50 percent of his passes, and had six interceptions to go along with his six touchdowns.

He also carved Army up to the tune of 304 yards and 1 INT. Yes, the pick was bad, and you can’t turn the ball over and expect to win. However, if we’re going to talk about the bad of this game we need to talk about the good, and Alec Morris was very, very good.


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