Johnny Manziel Says He’s Bi-Polar and Ready For an NFL Comeback

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In an interview with “Good Morning America” that aired Monday, Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL player Johnny Manziel said he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and he’s taking medication for it.

He Stated Monday that his goal is to have another shot in the NFL.

Manziel said he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder “about a year ago.” He added he has stopped drinking, saying that he used alcohol as a way of “self-medicating” as he battled depression.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing portrayed in the interview was he stated he had no one to blame but himself and seemed to show real concern of the effects his decisions had on his family. Hindsight, too, may be 20/20 for Manziel, who isn’t the only star to fall from grace.

“At the end of the day I can’t help that my wires are a little bit differently crossed than yours, I can’t help my mental makeup of the way that I was created,” Manziel said to ESPN. “But I know if I stay on these meds and I continue to do what I am doing right now … I think my dad, my mom, I think girlfriend [Bre Tiesi], would all agree that they see a drastic change.”

Unfortunately for Manziel, his mistakes were made on a national stage with millions of people watching.

Could there be a Johnny Football 2.0?

Manziel (left) with girlfriend Bre Tiesi during a recent event. Photo Via

His dream of playing in the NFL again will most certainly come with a lot of hard work and proving to the NFL that he not only has the talent, but most importantly that he has grown and matured.  It’s undoubtedly a large hurdle for Manziel, but not impossible.

According to a  CBS Sports interview the CFL may be a viable option for Manziel’s return to the game.  And although the quarterback market is thin entering the 2018 free agency period, playing in the CFL just might provide the insight on Johnny that NFL teams are looking for.

The biggest concern for Johnny Manziel may be the value that he associates with an NFL comeback. In the interview with “Good Morning America” he said:

“I am watching all the other guys doing what I want to be doing and I am sitting on a couch being a loser.”

I can empathize as an athlete.  Unfortunately the game ends for all of us, and that ending is rarely magical.  Thinking of himself as a “loser” because he is not playing in the NFL is harsh in my opinion.

When the game ends for athletes at this level they often feel like they have lost value as a person. To be candid, this was a personal battle of mine as well.  A lot of athletes go through it especially those that have attained a high degree of success in the sport. We all take our own roads, but learning the value of yourself outside of the sport is perhaps the most important thing to learn for Manziel or any athlete.

Where would any of us be without second chances?

The GMA interview left me hopeful for Johnny Manziel, which is in stark contrast to what I felt watching him take the slide down. I think this interview portrays a sober minded and  humbled Johnny Manziel that is showing real remorse for the things he has done, and thats encouraging for anyone who has battled substance abuse issues or depression.

If he’s willing to put in the work both physically and mentally I would look forward to seeing the comeback of a humbled, wiser and mentally stronger Manziel. Whether you agree or disagree we would love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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