Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Texas High School Football Board Game

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A new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign aims to offer diehard Texas high school football fans the chance to pit teams from real recent powerhouse campaigns against one another, all in the name of determining a true Lone Star champion.

As reported by the San Antonio Express News, the new board game Friday Night Legends is being developed by a Texas-based group called Lone Star Gridiron, which tracks high school football data, information and news.

While the intricacies of game play for Friday Night Legends remain sketchy, the goal of the game is to, “allow players to coach teams in dream matchups that were only available in the imagination.” To be fair, a few of the teams made available for the game qualify as legendary Texas squads, though there are some other notable absences — 1988 Dallas Carter, 1989 Odessa Permian or 2004 or 2005 Southlake Carroll, anyone? — that raise questions about how the different teams were selected, and why so many of the 2017 state champions were picked.

Check out their Kickstarter Campaign by clicking here

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