LeVeon Bell Has A Rap Album, What Would Texas Pro Football Players’ Albums Be?

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Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has been posting on his Twitter accounts about an upcoming album called “26 Savage”. He’s free to do whatever he likes during his offseason, however, I am sure that there will be a number of pieces coming down the line as writers will look to read between the lines on who a song may be about.

From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette “Bell told Billboard in April that “26 Savage” — the name being a play on Bell’s jersey number and rapper 21 Savage — would feature some prominent hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg and Pittsburgh native Mac Miller.”

“I think that ‘Post Interview’ was kind of a set, to show people I can make music,” he explained to Billboard. “So if I’m able to drop another album and really make people open their eyes, like, ‘Man, he’s got more music and it’s still good and has a good quality to it with 17 songs,’ we can take it to the next step.”

Bell isn’t new to the rap game. He’s dropped an album before, March 2017’s “Post Interview” which did fall in Billboards Top-10 Rap Albums. Plus, he’s put out the diss-track that uses samples from a number of talking heads from Fox Sports and ESPN’s hot-take shows called “Shrimp Bayless”. 

However, it made me think about what some albums from either Houston Texans, or Dallas Cowboys, athletes may be.

For example, Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott’s first album could be “21 Cheeks”. Dez would be featured on this album on a track called “Caught It”, with what I would think would go like:

“You say I didn’t catch it”

“But I sure did catch ya girl”

“She said she wanted an X-Man that’s a Beast”

“Not a Cali Silver Surfer”

Tony Romo’s diss-track, for if he makes a comeback to the NFL, would be “Forgot about Nine”.

Taking a look over at Houston I would love to see rookie quarterback’s Deshuan Watson write a song about his former head coach at Clemson, Dabo Swinney, would look like. Because now that he doesn’t have to worry about his former head coach taking a scholarship away, or hurting his future earning potential, there must be some good stories that could be told in song.

And, finally, J.J. Watt’s album would be known as “Work”. And, we’d have a full length documentary about how it was recorded in a log cabin somewhere in the woods in Wisconsin with his brothers.

And, Rick Rubin.

Actually, let’s make that happen during the next offseason. J.J. Watt plus Rick Rubin equals triple-platinum.


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