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Listen Up Coach, We All Need More Time

Why MaxOne Works

Why MaxOne Works

There’s something about instant messaging that makes it inherently addicting. Probably the fact that it’s asynchronous, But can also be real-time when you want it to. Or maybe it’s the rush that we get each time we see a notification. Both email and texting(messaging) are necessary at times but there is no question messaging has quickly become our preferred means of communicating.   Unlike texting, emailing seems to come with a certain etiquette that makes it too much work at times.  Especially, if you’re trying to communicate with an entire team at once

There’s no question that the next wave of communication tools for teams will be led by a slew of slick, beautifully-designed, real-time messaging apps.  The business world has adopted some very cool internal team messaging apps like Slack, HipChat and Twist to name a few.  They all boast team communication, but as we all know a football or basketball team needs more than a smooth operating team chat. This is where MaxOne comes in with the “go ahead” score.

What MaxOne Gets Right.

When I first heard about MaxOne, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure why we needed yet another chat app for teams. I’d checked out a series of other apps for teams, but they were always found lacking. However, I decided to give MaxOne a try to find out if they where the “real deal”, and now I know why so many coaches are raving about it.

Communications is just the beginning of MaxOne’s awesomeness!  With a touch of a button you can email or text your entire coaching staff, your players or their parents.  You can text or email them individually, in individual groups or all of them at once.  The fact that I can input the names from my spreadsheet one time then with a press of the button communicate with everyone….priceless, and we’re just getting started with MaxOne.

The Coaching Tools

The communication aspect of MaxOne was honestly enough for my buy-in, but the coaching video tools added a very smart asset to my coaching toolbox.  I can shoot a quick drill or workout and upload it to my dashboard and give my players instruction even when I’m not there physically.  I can also tap into MaxOne’s incredible library of coaching videos.  One that struck me personally was the in-season strength program designed by a D1 strength and conditioning coach.  All coaches have the in-season strength program on there list of to-do’s, but due to the time crunch… it always seems to be the thing that gets pushed back to the last minute.  With MaxOne those days are long gone.


My Thoughts: the reason that MaxOne rises to the top and feels so good once your team begins to adopt it is because it really reduces and simplifies the communication and coaching process.  It saves time and the headache of switching back and forth between modes of communication, and gives me virtual coaching time with my players.  For the first time we have a simple to use all-in-one coaching and communication tool truly built for todays coach.

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