The Mailbag – Answering All Your Questions About Anything At All – 7.28.17

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Every week, Managing Editor Hunter Cooke will answer all of your questions about whatever you wish to ask him. All question askers will remain anonymous. 

Which Texas high school football program has the richest history?

There’s no realistic way to answer this without making someone, somewhere mad.

In my opinion, it’s more than state titles, or having been good in the past, it’s a consistent pattern of success that has shown no signs of stopping. It also doesn’t hurt to have downright legendary players in there, and you can’t forget that you have to have recent success as well.

Throwing all those factors in there, I have to say Katy. While they had a massive gap in titles (the first Katy title was in 1959, the second in 1997), there’s no doubt that they’ve evolved into a downright legendary program. It’s hard to pick against Katy in the playoffs, because no matter how the regular season goes, they always seem to be in the thick of the playoffs come December. They have eight total titles, yes, but they also have 15 finals appearances, 14 of which came from 1990 on. That math doesn’t lie – since the turn of the century, a total of 16 seasons have been played. Katy was in the finals 10 of those years. They’re playing for a state championship more often than they aren’t, in the most difficult era to win a state championship in.

That’s impressive, and it gets my vote. They may have not always had the massive stats and eye-popping highlights, but that level of consistent excellence is one we might not ever see.

Honorable Mentions: Odessa Permian, Southlake Carroll, Allen, Waco High, Abilene High.

Realistic expectations for UT in 2017?

6 or 7 wins. I like Herman but that ship won’t be right overnight.

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? I’m convinced they don’t exist.

Okay, this question seriously had me shook. I realized as I read it that I, too, had never seen a baby pigeon, so I went on a google expedition. I took a screenshot of the first three google results for “baby pigeons”.

I mean, it makes sense. I’m not going to climb up into a bird’s nest, so I haven’t seen many other baby birds. Pigeons are uniquely disgusting animals, so instead of social media accounts dedicated to pictures of them, they’re more likely to be left alone. I fell asleep during “Planet Earth”, but I’m sure there are baby pigeons in it.

Sorry, baby pigeon truthers, but they do exist. There are good reasons why you don’t see them, and this BBC link can help you more than I ever could.

BONUS: I’m taking this one on.

Bagmen are real at every school, and if your school doesn’t have them then they aren’t trying enough.

In recruiting, you want to get as many highly rated recruits as you can, because they’re your best bet. You can coach a phenomenal athlete into a monster, you can’t teach speed. I can’t believe that this is a controversial opinion, and it might just be my personal corner of Twitter that thinks this, but whatever.

Michael Dyer was down.

TCU/Baylor were robbed in 2014.

Miami was robbed of a national title with that pass interference call.

If all the top Texas recruits were required to stay in Texas, not much would change on the college football landscape.




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