NCAA imposes immediate recruiting dead period

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The NCAA has suspended all recruiting activities until April 15 at least.

Currently, the recruiting calendar is in what’s called a “quiet period.” During the quiet period, coaches are only allowed to make contact with recruits on campus.

Contact is usually done in the form of official or unofficial visits. The NCAA’s ruling now imposes a “dead period.” A dead period restricts on campus and off campus recruiting visits, but still allows phone calls and messaging.

With the dead period in place, how does this effect the recruiting cycle? This time of year is one of the most active times of recruiting. Schools begin practice in preparation for their annual spring games. Recruits get a chance to visit campuses, watch practices, and talk with coaches. Coaches also get a chance to evaluate athletes further.

This impacts recruiting significantly for both the player and teams.

There is some benefit however.

The NCAA ruling now creates a level playing field. Before the ruling, decisions were being made at the school and conference level. As competitive as recruiting is across the country, schools would not want to put themselves at a disadvantage. A decision would have to be made between student athlete health, or recruiting.

High schools across the state have also cancelled spring practices and games. It is unknown as to when, or if, spring football will even take place.

The dead period will remain until April 15, but nothing has been determined past that.

State of emergencies have been placed across the country, and travel bans in place between Europe and the United States. will continue to evaluate the situation and keep you informed of any more developments.

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