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Player Spotlight: Douglas Brooks, Shiner High School

Douglas Brooks

Shiner High School

Position: DT / RB

6’2″, 265 lbs

What was the highlight of your 2020 Season?

My highlight of the season week 4. I scored a walk-off touchdown on my birthday. Doing what I love on my birthday nothing can get better than that.


Who was the best player on an opposing team that you played against?

My little cousin Jonathan Brooks he’s a great athlete and it’s just something bout that last name.


Who is your favorite NFL player?

Tom Brady because he of his mentality. When you are winning people tend to play not to lose, Brady continues to play to win.


What is your favorite sport or activity besides football?

I love to workout weight room is meditation for me but also track. Discus and shot put allow me to show some versatility and help my football game in ways.


Name Names – Which Teammate would win:

A.  a Madden tournament?

I would win the madden tournament

B. 40-yard dash challenge?

Trevor Haynes would win the dance competition and the 40 yard dash

C. a Bench Press challenge?

I would take the bench press challenge

D. a game of Jeopardy?

Max Machacek would easily win jeopardy



Why do you love football?

The game of football portrays so many different characters and also so many life lesson. Football has made me into the person I am today the game has an effect on people that they will never forget.

Learn more about Douglas here:

Twitter: @Doug1as_Brooks

CLICK HERE for the Shiner 2021 Season Preview

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