Recruiting Analysis: Tyler Lee QB Chance Amie

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Photo via Kevin Hampton, Tyler Morning Telegraph

Eight offers, but millions of possibilities. Tyler Lee quarterback Chance Amie is turning the heads of a few college coaches around the nation and it’s for all the right reasons.

One does not often think of Tyler as a hotbed for talent, but Amie is among the elite group of the region that is making some noise in the recruiting ranks. Standing at 6-3, 191 pounds, there are many claims of him sharing the former qualities of Colin Kaepernick, who led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl a couple of seasons ago.

While it has not gone great for Kaepernick as of late, things are certainly looking up for Amie with the likes of Syracuse, Central Florida, and Virginia all offering the rising senior before his first snap of the season. Texas A&M, Texas and Penn State are also looking at the young talent to bolster their ranks.

Looking at the tape, all the ingredients are there from pocket awareness to the ability to stretch the legs and throw on the run. It doesn’t stop there, thanks to his ability to hit the open field in the run game. At his position, he is putting up some impressive numbers in the state with 1,556 yards passing and 1,256 yards rushing.

Having that ability and frame at the next level will not only give Amie the advantage at the next level to make plays out of nothing, but it is apparent that this three-star recruit could possibly take another year to develop, giving him the best chance at succeeding on Saturdays.

This will be a huge factor depending on where Amie and the people around him evaluate him and his progression. It is said that he will look at every offer extensively, with the ensuing offers sure to come fast later this season. Another thing to consider will be the possibility of a position change which may suit some program’s needs, but not so much for Amie.

Whatever and whenever Amie’s future lies, the ability to dictate an offense and make plays will be present. Finding the right place to enhance the already talented skill set will be key to seeing this young Texas high school football star succeed at the college level and possibly beyond.


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