Robert Griffin III Looking To Revive Career, Will Work Out With Los Angeles Chargers

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Former Copperas Cove and Baylor gunslinger Robert Griffin III is scheduled to tryout for Los Angeles on Tuesday, as per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Griffin III was released by the Browns in March, following Cleveland’s trade for Brock Osweiler from Houston as their probable starting quarterback.

A six-year pro, Griffin III hasn’t played a full season since his rookie campaign and has failed to obtain a winning record since that time. The former Heisman winner lead the Washington Redskins to the playoffs, but suffered a torn ACL in the wild-card game. The following year saw an ankle injury followed by a concussion caused him to plummet on the depth chart in 2015, effectively ending his Washington career.

The Chargers already have three other quarterbacks operating beneath frontman Philip Rivers. A team plagued with their own injuries, it’s difficult to fathom LA giving RGIII a chance, especially since his body has been riddled with his own. Through his time in the NFL, Griffin has struggled to develop as an adequate pocket quarterback; his advanced age at 27 makes it unlikely that he ever will.

Through his career, Griffin III has thrown for 8,983 yards for 42 touchdowns and 26 interceptions.


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Pit Sarmiento
Pit Sarmiento
3 years ago

RGIII Is a goodd QB who was ruined by over-coaching in Washington. His pass protection has always been terrible. Give him a halfway decent line and a coach who will guide him, not control him, and he can still be an exciting player.

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