How to Stay More Consistent in Your Training

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By Ryan White
July 11, 2016

It is easy to get caught up in our busy schedules, and let all the moving parts get us off track.  As we all know, when this happens to us we lose sight of our goals.  How are we supposed to achieve greatness when we no longer have our eye on the prize?

The answer is simple: we have to break down the segments of our lives and remain consistent.  It’s funny how the things we HAVE to do take priority over the things we WANT to do.  For instance, we have to wake up at certain times, we have to be at work, go to school, drop the kids off, etc.  Now don’t get me wrong, remaining consistent with these elements is important too, but what if we could add in a few extras?

When it comes to balancing out my life schedule, I use a simple trick.  Change my vocabulary.  Turn “HAVE TO” into “GET TO” and change “WANT TO” into “NEED TO.”  I get to drop my kids off at school.  I get to wake up and go to work… I need to get my workout in.  See how this subtle difference can change your whole outlook?

Athletes are creatures of habit, and as they go through their year, many things can throw them off their schedule.  Starting a new school year for example, is a big one.  As the end of Summer draws near, and football season inches closer and closer.  We want our athletes to reap the benefits of training all Summer and perform well on the field.

I challenge us all to alter the mindset of our athletes.  Encourage them to feel the NEED to remain consistent with their training, not become burdened by it.  If they view their work as an important part of their success in their sport, it will become as routine as getting out of bed.

Try this little tip and watch your athletes’ consistency grow!


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