Are Texas QB’s Ready for Kick Off?

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By:Sammy Joseph
August 22nd, 2016


The spread offense has spread across the country like wild fire. The double moves, the long touchdown passes, I get it, it looks cool. Having a QB with a healthy arm is even cooler! Successful college teams like Texas A&M, Baylor, and Oregon—and high school teams like Cedar Hill, Desoto and Westlake that count heavily on their gunslingers have it down to a science, and understand the importance of having their QB ready for game time. The importance of taking care of their QB’s arm, it’s essential to the overall success of the team. Training camp, practice, games all take a toll on the QB arm.

If your gun slinger has a shoulder, elbow, or anything that may alter his throwing kind of problem, play calling changes. And that sucks!

Heres how you manage your QB arm during the season.

  1.  Communication is a must between the coaching staff and QB. Always ask how the QB is feeling. If they are healthy or banged up, at least the staff knows and understands what plays they can call for their QB.
  2. Make sure you lower the volume of throws during practice as you get closer to game day. Confidence is everything for a QB, If he feels goods, the chances of him hitting the deep ball is high.
  3. Off the field regiments are crucial for arm care. In the weight room, communicate with the QB. Make sure you are ready to adjust if they are not feeling well. Maintaining strength in their core, lower body, Upper body( especially their Lats), and making sure those rotator cuffs get looked after.
  4. Last but not least, make sure to ice . After practice, get a ice bag on that arm.

If you address these areas, it will prevent injuries and keep the QB balanced on the field.


Sammy Joseph was a high school All-American in Louisiana and played football at all levels. He played at Louisiana State University and after helping them to their 2006 Sugar Bowl Championship, Sammy was picked up as a free agent by the San Francisco 49ers and also spent time with the Houston Texans.

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