The T.J. McAloon Show, Episode 14 – NFL Offseason And NBA Trade Deadline Episode With Ross Tucker And Chris Trew

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On the latest episode of The T.J. McAloon Show I had from NBC Sports and the Ross Tucker Football Podcast Ross Tucker, and comedian, and lifelong New Orleans Saints and Pelicans fan, Chris Trew. Overall, this week, my guests and I spent time talking about offseason moves. On the NFL side, Ross and I discussed why the Houston Texans should look into moving J.J. Watt. While on the other side of the show, Chris and I discussed Demarcus Cousins being dealt to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Also in the first part of this week’s episode, Ross and I went over why the Atlanta Falcons blew a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl. Ross is a former NFL offensive lineman so he has  first-hand knowledge  of what it’s like to be on both sides of a comeback like that.
For the losing side, always being on the sidelines, while your defense is getting worked on, is so hard to watch. While if you’re on the New England Patriots side, you love always dominating a defensive line that is losing energy with every snap of the ball. Ross and I also talk about how you have to go sleeveless when the temperatures are freezing.
Something I cannot fathom doing because I hate cold weather.
On the second half of the show, Chris and I broke down the Boogie Cousins trade from Sacramento to New Orleans. We also talked about sports icons in the city, as former Westlake High School graduate, and current Saints quarterback, may go down as the most famous athlete to ever play for his city.
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