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The Top 10 Graduation Gifts For The Football Player in Your Life

Top 10 Graduation Gifts

1. High School Football Memory Package

This box will contain any items that are directly related to the football player’s activities with the sport; his teammates, his coaches, his parents, the cheerleading team, or with the fans. It may include pennants, pictures, parts of the uniform, a coach’s whistle, a note from a parent or coach, a football program, a CD of a championship game, and even newspaper clippings where the player is mentioned or that highlights a winning game. Be creative with the type of box you use. Possibly find a large helmet-shaped container at a sporting goods store that has a lid. This can also be connected to a care package for playing college football after high school and include memorabilia for the college team. See it at

2. Customized Football with Engraved Stand and Embossed Pictures

The customized football itself is a regulation-sized game football. The material is pebble leather and is on half of the football surface while the other half is a smooth, glossy finish for imprinting pictures. You can either put one large picture on it or a collage of several smaller pictures. An added touch is an engraved sterling silver stand that the football can be displayed on. See it at

3. Personalized Athletes’ Prayer

This gift is perfect for choosing a photo of the entire team in a huddle before or after a game. The picture can be blown up to a poster-sized display. Then a professional graphic artist can put the words “”The Athlete’s Prayer” at the top of the poster. The actual prayer is displayed at the bottom. It is then mounted on picture board, and either framed or left as an unframed poster to be hung or even displayed in a glass case. See it at

4. Football Men’s Necklace

 This necklace should be of quality sterling silver with a helmet charm and either a circle embossed with the player’s jersey number or a charm in the shape of a jersey that displays the number. There are other variations of items that can be included with the necklace, but males do not usually wear multiple charms, so the simpler the better. See it at

5. Engraved Key Chain with Helmet Charm or Embossed Helmet and Number

This key chain, made of a thick sterling silver is a lasting keepsake. It is a long rectangular shape coupled with a sterling silver ring for keys that can include a helmet charm, a number charm, or both. Another version is a simple sterling silver square large enough to have a helmet embossed onto it along with the name and jersey number of the athlete. They also would be a great gift that the Booster Club might consider for every member of the team and for the coaches. The Empire Key Ring can be purchased through Silver Superstore and viewed at the following link:

6. Football-shaped Scrapbook

 This is not just a regular photo album; instead, it is customized with a football theme. The entire shape of the “album” itself is a foam board cut into the shape of a very large football. Then a glue gun is used to affix the photos to reflect the athlete’s overall career in a collage design. The photos should then be trimmed to fit the edge of the football. Cut out a silhouette of the athlete from a larger picture, and find a spot either in the middle of the collage of pictures or where the silhouette can be prominently displayed and glue it on there. For a final touch, about 1 inch from the top of the football, take some white cloth tape and cut out pieces to resemble the laces on a football, making sure to scale them to the size of the football shape and glue them on there.The size you make should fit comfortably on a wooden display stand for a desk or table. See it at

7. Vision Board

 This type of gift is very individualized mementos that reflect the goals and the achievements of the person they are meant for. In this case, the major theme of this vision board would be to display pictures in separately designed frames affixed to a larger board of moments in the athlete’s career that he will be remembered for or that stood out personally for him. To one side of the board can be large letters that spell out the player’s name which is decorated to reflect a football them with football lacing patterns on each letter. His favorite colors should be used, and it might include family pictures of his parents during parent day, a photo of him with a favorite coach, and a team picture. See it at

8. Framed Poster of Team Name and Signed by the Team and Coaches

There are several variations of this gift that you can create. Find a substantially sized frame, possibly an 11x 14 silver frame will work and put the name of the team as alphabet art at the very top of the frame. Underneath the alphabet art, put a picture of the team with only their arms showing, hand upon hand, and each forearm bearing a different word that describes them like “energetic” or “motivator” and includes the athlete in the picture as well. Then, at the very bottom, put a motivational quote like from Friday Night Lights that says, “Clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose”. See one variation of this at

9. Life-sized Silhouette with Picture Collage

 With this unique gift, you can choose a memorable photo of your athlete and then take it to a professional photographer to have it made into a life-sized poster. Choose a photo that has the athlete doing some sort of action with their arms or legs like throwing a ball or running with a ball. You can then cut it out yourself or have the photographer create a silhouette for you. Then, take it home and use a glue stick or glue gun to adhere your choice of photos to the entire silhouette in a collage design. You can then use a clear spray to seal the entire display. Make sure you choose a glossy spray that will not destroy the actual picture images but is made for use on photographs.
See it at

10. Frame-shaped Jersey Number with Picture Collage

All you need for this is a piece of wood that can be cut out with a jigsaw into the jersey number of the player. You can make this 12 inches or larger, but if it will be a substantial size, then have a professional woodworker do the cutting for you. Once the number is cut and shaped, Use decoupage glue to create a collage of pictures of football memories within the number itself. Make sure that if it is done by a professional woodworker, that they include a hook on the back to allow for the frame to be hung on a wall. See it at

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