TXHSFB Trainer Journal: Allison Paxson (Oct 28)

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By Allison Paxson
Tyler Lee High School

“Great moments are born from great opportunity. And that’s what you have here tonight boys. That’s what you’ve earned here tonight; One game. If we played them ten times, they might win nine…but not this game…not tonight.” I start this addition off with this quote from a movie because with the events that took place on Friday night, a movie is debatably the only place they could realistically be seen. Coming into Friday night’s game against the Mesquite Skeeters winless; Tyler Lee took the field with the expectation of being beaten badly by the 3-1 in district team. Even the stands on the Tyler Lee side proved this, a great toll in the attendance at Rose Stadium occurred due to Lee’s three losses in a row. Who really cares about all of that though? Against all odds, Tyler Lee defeated mesquite with a record breaking score of 61-54, and claiming their first district win in two years.

To me, this win meant a little bit more to Tyler Lee than anyone else can imagine. Two years is quite a long time to go without a district win; and beating a team that murdered us last year is just settling to the soul. For the seniors, KNOWING that they will not go out like the two classes before them has to be a great feeling. In reality, this season is about proving that Lee is back in action. Progress is being made, and by beating Mesquite in a heart attack causing game, belief in that progression may be coming. Proof to the teams around us that we are not a “Cinderella Story” team was a must this week. Let us not forget that the playoff dream is kept alive with the point in the win column this week.

Lee made school history on Friday night defeating their own highest score record by two points. The competition on Friday was so spectacular, that I cannot imagine a better way to break that record. Indeed, quite a memorable game. The entire game felt like a ping pong match, no one stayed ahead for more than a minute. This game was truly an offensive battle that had to come down to the final seconds. That is what happened; 31 seconds to be exact. What happened in the last half of a minute turned the entire game for the benefit of Tyler Lee.

Pressure of being down with half a minute left is imaginable- not to mention the fact of your senior seasons being on the line. That is a lot to put on a 17 year old, and I honestly don’t see how my boys do it. 2014 cornerback/receiver Marquiston Williams proved to withstand that pressure. Having an outstanding game on both offense and special teams, Marquiston came out and showed us all what he is truly made of. I talk a lot about giving everything you have on the field and leaving with no regret, and I think I can safely say he did that. With help from 2014 quarterback, Raleigh Poster on a last minute gorgeous drive to success, the game was taken over, the points were scored, and Lee felt the pride of competing in district once again. Truly one of the most memorable moments in my life thus far had to be seeing the team go out there and prove that their season is not over. The smiles on everyone’s faces after the game will be something I cannot forget. Thank you to every person out there for that moment. It is un-creatable.

The stadium fell silent from miles around on Friday night. I have been at Rose when no one else is there, and I have never been able to hear myself think as clearly as I did on Friday. A broken fibula in two places, a solid three minutes when everyone lay in shock and in prayer, and one “Let’s go win this one for Justin” by a teammate. Everyone in attendance did not say one word the entire time, and the reaction was electric as he was taken off of the field. Oh yeah, he also stayed at the game until the bitter end just to support his team. What a true player.

I am so very proud of the boys for doing the unthinkable and the unbelievable this week. Next for the Raiders will be the Longview Lobos in Longview on Thursday (Halloween) due to UILs Friday Night Television Ban rule. The competition history between these two teams dates back long before I was born. It is a true Texas rivalry, and with the playoffs on the line for Lee, I have a feeling that the game will be one to watch. I cannot wait to see what the boys will do with the opportunity against the district leading Lobos. To everyone around the state; have a safe and productive week! Prove other wrong, and never give up until it is over. Remember courage is contagious, so go be bold. Do the undone and make your mark. Regular season is almost over… don’t let all of these memories slip away. Forget what lies behind and strain to what lies ahead, press onto the ultimate goal, and never forget anything’s possible if you just believe.  

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