Use a Safe Bar to maintain strength during the season

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Photo by Redline Athletics
Sammy Joseph
September 13, 2016

Players are going all out during a game, leaving everything on the field. Intense battles bring long touchdown runs, big hits, but also injuries.

Maintaining strength is the goal during the competition season. But nagging injuries, like a jammed finger, bruised wrist, bum shoulder make training difficult.

NO WORRIES! You can still maintain strength by using a safe bar.
The safe bar allows the players to still get a productive workout without stressing body parts that are not feeling good.

For example, the O- Lineman, during the season they have issues with their hands and wrist, because they engage with their upper body all the time. They will enjoy a safe bar when squatting and bench pressing, it will put less stress on the upper body and still allow full range of motion.

When competing for a championship, players need every opportunity to perform at an elite level every game. Its football, players won’t feel 100% all season, but still need to maintain their strength to make plays that helps their team win.

Be safe in the weight room, literally, get a safe bar to train with if you have nagging injuries that prevent you from using a barbell.

Sammy Joseph is the Director of Sports at RedLine Athletics-The Woodlands. He was a top high school all American in Louisiana, Sugar Bowl champion in 2006 at LSU, an undrafted free agent for San Francisco 49ers in 2007 and finished his professional career in the CFL.

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