At 6’11”, Wellington’s Trevor Roberson Dwarfs Competition

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Photo via Ginger Wilson
By: Ginger Wilson
August 27th, 2016


Preparing to play the Wellington Skyrockets (2-­2A) proves to be a task for opposing teams as Wellington boasts one of the biggest players in the entire state of Texas.

At 6’11 and 334 lbs., Trevor Roberson dwarfs other high school football players, and he’s only a sophomore. Barely old enough to drive, Roberson could pass for a college player. In fact, had he attended the NFL combine this year, he would’ve been the tallest offensive lineman by four inches and at 334 lbs. In weight, he would’ve been right behind Arkansas’ Denver Kirkland, who weighs 335 lbs.

With a 5.6 40 time in the spring, Roberson is not slow by any means and given three more years to develop in high school, could very well bring that time down as he grows into his body. Roberson enters the 2016 season with one year of varsity experience under his belt and Wellington head coach Wade Williams knows he’s yet to unleash his full potential.

“Trevor did a great job for us as a freshman on the offensive line,” said Williams. “Last season he didn’t play much defense because we didn’t feel he was at the level of playing on both sides of the ball.”

Fast forward to a new season and Roberson is finding himself rarely leaving the field, becoming a formidable opponent. Shucking off blocks left and right in Friday night’s 26-­21 opening win over the Childress Bobcats, Roberson had five pancake blocks, three cut downs and one forced fumble. There’s no doubt he will become of the most talked about lineman in the state, regardless of classification.

Photo by Ginger Wilson
Photo by Ginger Wilson

Roberson’s time of reaction on the line has improved since last year and he’s used time in the weight room to get stronger. Once he realizes what he’s capable of on the field, he will pose a nightmare for those going up against him.

Williams believes his Rockets have a tough defense and adding Roberson to that this season is a plus. “Trevor has a great defensive instinct and we believe he will do great things for us on that side of the ball.”

One of the shortest kids in his class heading into middle school, Roberson hit a growth spurt that quickly put him head and shoulders above everyone in the school; including his teachers and coaches.

Watching Williams guide the Rockets to a state championship in 2013, Roberson fell in love with the game. “I love football more than anything,” he said. “I love the feeling of walking on the field and being able to carry on the legacy left by all the guys who’ve played before you.”

As a freshman, Roberson amassed 30 pancake blocks and could likely double that number this year and in the seasons to come. He spent very little time on the field on defense, but was out there long enough to pick up 11 tackles.

It didn’t take long for word to spread about the Rockets’ big man up front and Roberson would like nothing more than for his mailbox to begin filling up with letters from colleges.

“I definitely feel I was given this size and passion to play the game of football for a reason,” he  said. “I’m going to focus on doing what it takes to play at the next level and on Sundays.” He ended saying, “That’s my ultimate goal.”

Roberson will no doubt be on the radar of several colleges beginning this year. If the Rockets make a deep playoff run in 2016, which they are expected to do, Roberson will catch the eye of even more recruiters. Be watching your mailbox Trevor, it’s going to start filling up quickly.

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