Wellington’s Trevor Roberson Towers Above Competition

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Photo by Bonnie Clark
Ginger Wilson @gingwilson
July 30, 2016

Standing at 6’11” and weighing in at 334 lbs., Wellington sophomore Trevor Roberson looks more like an NFL player than a 2A offensive lineman. In fact, had Roberson attended the 2016 NFL combine this season, he would have been the tallest offensive lineman by three inches. One of the largest high school players in the entire state of Texas, Roberson heads into the 2016 season looking to make an even bigger impact for the Skyrockets than he did last season.

One of the smallest kids in his class in grade school, Roberson’s growth spurt came before he entered junior high. He walked into his sixth grade year at 5’11” and hasn’t stopped growing since.

“At first, I really didn’t think much about my height,” stated Roberson. “Some of the kids would tease me a bit and I got used to the look on people’s faces when they would see me walk in a room.”

A defining moment for Roberson his first year on varsity came in the 2015 season opener against Childress.

“Coach (Wade) Williams got a hold of me and told me to move a guy out of my way,” Roberson said. “I could tell he was irritated with me, so I went out there and ran my guy about 20 yards back and into the ground.”

Roberson said it was that moment when he realized using his size and strength to his advantage could help him become a great football player.

“I love football more than anything,” affirmed Roberson. “I love the feeling of walking on the field and being able to carry on the legacy left by all the guys who’ve played before you.”

Watching the Skyrockets win the 2013 State Championship was inspirational to Roberson, who would like nothing more than to help lead his team back to AT&T Stadium.

Last season, Roberson lauded 30 pancake blocks, one quarterback sack and was an intimidating force on the Skyrocket’s offensive line. This season, the Skyrockets return seven players on offense and eight players on defense from a team who made it to the regional semi-finals in 2015.

After attending a three day high school football camp at Texas Tech this summer, Roberson is setting his sights on playing college ball and would like nothing more than to play in the NFL one day.

“Standing on the field in Jones Stadium was an incredible feeling,” recalled Roberson. “My ultimate goal is to continuously improve,” he said. “To get better with each snap.”

Williams said he’s excited about Roberson’s future in the sport.

“Trevor is an outstanding young man and he did a good job for us as a freshman.” Williams continued saying, “Sometimes I look at him and forget he’s not even old enough for a driver’s license.”

Although Roberson didn’t see much time on the defensive side of the ball in 2015, that will likely change this year.

“We didn’t put Trevor on defense a lot last year because we didn’t feel he was at the level of playing both sides of the ball just yet,” explained Williams. “He has good defensive instinct and we believe we are going to have a really strong defense this season and he will be able to help us out.”

A highly spiritual person, Roberson is looking forward to the 2016 season and feels he was gifted with his size and abilities for a reason.

“I definitely feel I was given this size and passion to play the game of football for a reason,” Roberson firmly stated. “I’m going to focus on doing what it takes to play at the next level and to play on Sundays after that.”

When asked who he’d like to hear call his name on draft day, Roberson said without missing a beat,

“America’s team…the Dallas Cowboys.”

Roberson’s mailbox has yet to begin filling up with letters from colleges, but if he continues to increase his speed and strength, there’s no doubt he could become a highly recruited player over the next three seasons.


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