Will the UIL follow Louisiana’s example to open summer practices?

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Earlier this month, the UIL passed an agenda that would likely lead to a temporary permissible increase in summer instruction. Due to COVID-19, Spring sports, workouts, and instruction were put to a halt causing questions to arise about the 2020 high school football season.

UIL executive director Charles Breithaupt mentioned that the UIL is in the process of coming up with a plan regarding the 2020 season. “We are making plans for both the regular start of school and our activities and then if there’s a delayed start, what we might do. We’re also planning for what might happen if we start and have to stop again.” Breithaupt said.

Although there has not been a direct decision on what kind of coaching instruction will be allowed in the summer and fall, UIL plans to look toward the actions of the NCAA and other states’ high school sports governing bodies for guidance and an example.

On Thursday, the Louisiana High School Athletic Associate (LHSAA) announced that their high schools may begin summer athletic workouts on June 8th. The LHSAA has asked that all coaches take extra precautions in keeping their athletes safe despite the permission to practice. Once listed as one of the states with the highest infection rate, Louisiana is no longer in the top 10 of most affected (though they are ranked No. 9 in most deaths resulting from COVID-19). Louisiana’s governor announced that gatherings of 25 people will be permitted beginning June 5th.

Texas, however, is currently listed as the eighth highest infected state. If numbers continue to fall, will the UIL follow suit with summer practices? Could the 2020 Texas high school football season stand a chance?

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