If You’re Not Assessing You’re Guessing

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Ryan White
October 25, 2016

One of the best things about this job is being able to apply science, and track progress. Whether your athlete is in the middle of their season or in the off-season, you need to have a way of measuring your clients’ performance.

Performance evaluations or movement screens are two common methods of gathering data. At RedLine, your first visit to our facility is an evaluation. This gives us performance measurements, but also allows us to view how our athletes move. Certain weaknesses require certain movement patterns to be strengthened. The more we know about a client, the better training program we can write for them.

Within our evaluation model, we have added a tool to help us hone our craft and become better at what we do. This element is a Force Plate.

The Force Plate is a highly analytical tool that measures an athletes’ ability to generate force into the ground. As coaches, we all know that no matter what sport you play, it starts from the ground up. If you are unable to generate high amounts of force, not only are you an under-performing athlete, but you are operating with a heightened risk of injury.

Whether you need to jump high, run fast, throw hard or spike a ball, it all requires powerful legs.

With the Force Plate we will be conducting evaluations in a manner that’s important to be strong in your sport.

This piece of equipment is being used at the professional level and at the college level, and we want to bring its potential to the youth population.

It will allow us to provide parents in-depth, detailed numbers on their athletes.

It will allow us to write specific workouts that are personally tailored for each individual, and most importantly, it will aid in keeping each of our clients healthy.

Everyone wants access to information. Here at RedLine we are putting an emphasis on gathering the most important information.

Stop into RedLine Pflugerville for more information on the Force Plate, or scheduling your evaluation.

You can also contact our Director of Sport Performance, Ryan White, by phone or email. [email protected] or 469-774-9058.

RedLine Athletics is located at 3813 Helios Way, Ste. 100, Pflugerville, TX 78660.


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