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Dez Bryant has never been a free agent until now. 

The eight-year veteran wideout was released by the Cowboys, so for the first time in his career, Dez is on the free agent block.

He finished as one of the most storied Cowboys receivers in history, finishing his tenure with Dallas with 73 touchdowns, 531 catches and 7,259 receiving yards.

Here are some best and worse case scenarios for Bryant in this free agency period:

Best case: Dez finds his landing spot in Washington and stays within the NFC, as he so earnestly desired. In the system, he works as a mentor to wideouts like Josh Doctson, Paul Richardson and Jamison Crowder.

Worst case: Bryant andquarterback Alex Smith don’t click at all and Bryant starts to fade as a wash-up wide receiver. Dez goes to Dallas and takes on the Cowboys in Washington, but doesn’t contribute at all.

Best case: Dez joins another big named wideout in Michael Crabtree with the Ravens and helps develop the ailing receiving core at Baltimore. Bryant can score with this team and help out the Ravens contend for some big games.

Worst case: Joe Flacco struggles… big time. And it then falls on Bryant, Crabtree and Josh Brown. Baltimore wipes the slate clean at the end of next year without Bryant.

Best case: Bill Belichick decides to pull the ultimate Patriots move and lobbies the team to sign Bryant. Almost immediately, Tom Brady and Dez connect and the Patriots make another Super Bowl run. Brady can throw the deep ball that Bryant loves to catch.

Worst case: Remember how bad Chad Johnson did when the Patriots signed him in 2007? He caught just 15 passes for 276 yards for New England and was a complete veteran bust. Worst case scenario, Bryant fizzes out like Johnson did in 2007 with the Pats and they release him after his year with the team.

Best case: Dez joins DeAndre Hopkins and Deshaun Watson to develop a new dynasty in Texas. Watson comes off his injury successfully and Hopkins and Bryant become a dynamic threat at the receiver spot.

Worst case: Bryant doesn’t want to take a contract less than he feels he’s worth and decides to walk on a Texans offer before it even happens.

Best case: Bryant joins the 49ers and works with Jimmy Garoppolo to make San Francisco a true contender for the playoffs. He can be a great mentor to Pierre Garcon and Marquise Goodwin.

Worst case: The NFC West is too overbearing for a young 49ers team, and Dez gets frustrated. Bryant ends up requesting a trade after his first year and leaves the team.

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