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The entire investigation is the stuff of a 30-for-30 – a lengthy account into serial NFL theft. It started with the Houston police department, dispatching numerous officers into locating Tom Brady’s stolen NFL jersey; following the Super Bowl, the MVP quarterback was seen frantically looking for his game-worn uni, claiming that someone snatched it. The police report cited the jersey was worth $500,000.

Now, the FBI, NFL security and Houston PD have announced the jersey and Brady’s threads from Super Bowl 49 were discovered in Mexico.

After poring over security footage, an individual posing as international media was seen sneaking into the Patriots locker room behind coach Bill Belichick and leaving with a bundle beneath his arm. Why airport security didn’t seen a giant, wadded up Patriots jersey in TSA screening is beyond me. The NFL has a very strict policy for anything that violates the rules; I was nearly kicked out of the Combine for snapping a quick pictures of my credentials. I’m assuming the Association will send this guy somewhere and he’ll never be heard from again… or just to Cleveland.

In a move to make Rick Harrison lick his greedy chops, both were pawned to dealers outside of the US.

Denver Broncos personnel claim that the individual lifted DeSoto’s Von Miller’s cleats from Super Bowl 50, but they have yet to be discovered as of this writing. The FBI is currently working with Mexico to transport the jerseys – positive negotiations that should be carried over to immigration policy.

The NFL released the following statement:


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