Why Baker Mayfield Was The Perfect Pick For The Cleveland Browns

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Just saying…We called it here in our mock draft.  The Cleveland Browns selecting Baker Mayfield just makes sense from our perspective, and here’s why.  Cleveland is a notoriously tough town to play in as an athlete—the fans hold nothing back.  Cleveland Browns fans are also the ultimate fans in my opinion. They are with you through thick and thin even an 0 – 16 season.  You won’t find a Cleveland Browns fan jumping on the Steelers bandwagon just because they’re winning more games. I can actually hear Browns fans gagging at the thought of that…

The Moment Baker Mayfield finds out he’s going first pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.


Mayfield’s personality and competitive drive is also a key component here.  Remember you’re talking about a guy that walked-on to Oklahoma, won the starting job, and won the Heisman trophy. He is also the first walk-on to be picked first in the history of the NFL draft.  Which tells us no matter what the situation he is in—the guy just finds a way to win, which is also a key factor here.  The Browns need his mentality to spread across the team quick, fast and in a hurry.  His personal support system is another key component. Anyone that knows anyone that has any relationship with his family knows they are great people.  That will play a crucial role as he enters the league.  You can also tell he has a great support system around by the way he handled some of the issues he had in college.  He owned the mistakes, made no excuses, and learned….what more can you ask for out of a person?

He will undoubtedly face big challenges on the field as he grows and matures into the QB he’s capable of being in the NFL. The great part of this situation is he’ll have time to learn from his coaches and and gain valuable experience from veteran QB Tyrod Taylor.  Browns head coach Hue Jackson and general manager John Dorsey were very clear that Taylor would be their starting QB to open the season. “That’s a veteran that’s been in the league. He’s a guy that I could sit behind and learn from.”

We all know one thing for certain….when Tyrod shows the first sign of trouble they’ll be calling for the rookie to come in and work some magic.  We saw the same thing with the Texans and DeShaun Watson last year. Fans just need to be patient. It will undoubtedly happen at some point this year. However, the more time he gets this year to sit and learn the better for the future of the Browns and Mayfield.  The Browns made a smart move here, and giving time for Mayfield to adjust to the speed of the NFL game is invaluable.

HUGE congratulations to Baker Mayfield and his family, as well as all of the coaches at Lake Travis high school.

You are one of our very own….Texas will always be in your blood. We wish you nothing but great success!

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