Texas High School Football Playoffs: Beeville Ready for Post-Season After Historic Campaign

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News broke at the beginning of May that former athletic director and head coach Chris Soza would be returning to A.C. Jones High School in Beeville after a decade away with his own set of coaches and a plan of a slot-T weapon with a spread offense. 

Soza promised early on that the Beeville Trojans would be “anything but typical.”

Beeville history with and without Soza

When Soza took over the program in 2004, there was one rebuilding year before he put Beeville back on the map. I

n his stay between 2004 and 2008, Soza had a 37-23, 17-9 record. His best season was in 2007 when he led the Trojans to an 11-3, 4-1 season, and he saw three playoff appearances (Area, 2006; Quarterfinals, 2007; Regionals, 2008). 

Between the 2009 and 2018 seasons without Soza, Beeville saw three coaches (Troy Moses, Jimmie Mitchell, and Jerry Bomar) and a record of 43-43, 16-36 with their best season being in 2016 as they went 9-3, 4-1. 

In the decade without Soza, the Trojans saw only four playoff seasons, never making it passed the area round.

Fast forward from 2008 to 2019

With son Eric Soza as offensive coordinator and Zane Brown as defensive coordinator, Chris Soza paved the path through the expectation of hard work from their athletes, creating a team that has been, as promised, anything but typical. 

Outscoring their opponents 404-204 and 146-74 in district, Soza led the Trojans to their first-ever, historic 10-0, 4-0 season before taking a bye week for the final week of regular season play. 

Looking ahead

Beeville looks ahead to playing Zapata in the bi-district round of the playoffs Friday at Freer. Beeville hasn’t faced Zapata since 2016, when the Trojans beat them in the area round of playoffs 62-13. Zapata is 3-7, 1-3 on the season. 

Kick-off is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

Beeville Trojans records from 2004-2019

* indicates a playoff appearance:

2004 (Soza): 3-6 [1-3]

2005 (Soza): 6-6 [4-2]

2006 (Soza): 9-3 [4-1]* (lost in Area round [2nd round])

2007 (Soza): 11-3 [4-1]* (lost in Quarterfinals round [4th round])

2008 (Soza): 8-5 [4-2]* (lost in Regionals round [3rd round])
2009 (Moses): 3-7 [2-4]

2010 (Moses): 3-7 [1-4]

2011 (Moses): 6-6 [2-3]* (lost in Area round [2nd round])

2012 (Moses): 3-7 [1-5]

2013 (Mitchell): 0-10 [0-6]

2014 (Mitchell): 3-7 [1-4]

2015 (Mitchell): 4-7 [2-3]* (lost in Bi-District round [1st round])

2016 (Bomar): 9-3 [4-1]* (lost in Area round [2nd round])

2017 (Bomar):  6-4 [2-3]

2018 (Bomar): 6-5 [1-3]* (lost in Bi-District round [1st round])

2019 (Soza), so far: 10-0 [4-0]* (playing in Bi-District against Zapata)

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