Breaking down the potential landing spots for Case Keenum

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Vikings quarterback Case Keenum, the Abilene Wylie graduate, will undergo an extremely important free agency period this upcoming week, where Minnesota will act as the puppeteers for his future.

The Brownwood, Texas native saw his best season in his five seasons in the NFL last year with the Vikings and make a notable playoff run, as both Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater battled injuries last season.

Look at the numbers Keenum put up last year:

-69.7 total QBR, (2nd best, behind Carson Wentz, above Tom Brady)

-67.6 percent completion rate (2nd best)

-98.3 passer rating (7th best)

-7.03 adjusted net yards per attempt, (7th best)

-7 interceptions (1.5 percent rate) (tied 4th best)

-4.37 percent sack rate, (6th lowest)

-3rd down conversion rate: 43.5 percent (3rd best)

-Red zone conversion rate: 57.9 percent (9th best)

Below are the top choices for Keenum going into free agency week:

Cleveland Browns

If Keenum wanted to get some early and immediate playing time, Cleveland might be the spot for him. Although the Browns just acquired Tyrod Taylor from the Bills, they could still use another quarterback to take over the reigns. With receivers like Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry, and a strong offensive line with a plethora of draft picks, according to most NFL betting sites Cleveland could be a smart choice for a landing spot.

Minnesota Vikings
It’s a crime that even though a quarterback like Keenum led a team to the NFC championship game, the team doesn’t want him as their number one choice at quarterback. Currently, the Vikings front office has said their primary target is landing Kirk Cousins out of Washington, and would have Teddy Bridgewater as their second option.

Chances of Keenum staying in Minnesota keeps on lowering, even though he threw for a whopping 3,547 yards and 22 touchdowns last season. And, even head coach Mike Zimmer didn’t seem convinced with Keenum after the season.

Arizona Cardinals
This seems like the perfect fit for Keenum. Arizona is going to make a hefty push for Cousins as well, and might even look at the Eagles for Nick Foles, but getting Keenum makes a lot of sense for the Cardinals.

They are in need of a quarterback after Carson Palmer announced his retirement. While they could draft a quarterback at the No. 15 overall pick in the draft, they might want to get a veteran starter and draft a project-type quarterback they could develop in the second or third round.

Denver Broncos

While Keenum to Denver has a sexy sound to it, it doesn’t seem like the Broncos want Keenum back in the AFC. Denver is one above-average quarterback away from making a serious playoff run, but they are focusing in on Cousins to lead the way as their gunslinger.

It’s been reported that Keenum is not the number one or two option for Denver. If they can’t land Cousins, the Broncos will draft a quarterback with their No. 5 pick. But with an arm like Keenum and talent like Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas, why not give Keenum a shot?

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