How Far Can Dak Prescott Take the Dallas Cowboys?

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siege logo 3Who knew that with the 135th overall draft pick that the Dallas Cowboys would be getting a franchise quarterback? When Tony Romo went down with a back injury in the preseason against the Seattle Seahawks it looked like the Cowboys season was over before it ever got started. Turns out Romo’s injury would be a blessing in disguise.

No one knew at the time that the injury to Romo might be his last play as the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback, but with each passing week it looks to be the case. Dak Prescott was suppose to be a stop gap that could hopefully not lose every game until Romo got back. Well, he has done just a little bit better than that, Prescott is leading the Cowboys to the best record in football.

Prescott has blown away everyone’s expectations of him. The question has turned from how will the Cowboys do until Romo gets back to how far can Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott lead the ‘boys. So far the Cowboys have had a great recipe for winning, run the ball with Elliott and put Prescott in pressure free situations. Prescott has a 9:1 touchdown to interception ratio on the season and didn’t throw his first pick until Week 6, Prescott, with 176 attempts, broke the record for most consecutive pass attempts without an interception to start a career; a record previously held by Tom Brady at 162 attempts in 2000-2001.

A big help and probably the key to the Cowboys success has been Elliott’s impressive rushing performance. Elliott has already broken Tony Dorsett’s Cowboys rookie rushing record, and only needed 10 games to do so. The Cowboys are on a 10-game winning streak and haven’t looked this good since last millennium, when they became “America’s team.”

The Cowboys knew what they were getting with Elliott, but had no idea that they were drafting what looks to be their next franchise quarterback in Dak Prescott. He has clearly been more than what the Cowboys could’ve asked for, and it is crazy to think so many things had to happen for Prescott to even get this chance. Leading up to the draft the front office of the Cowboys tried to trade up to take Paxton Lynch or Connor Cook, and when they couldn’t then decided to take Prescott. In the first week of training camp incumbent backup Kellen Moore broke his right leg, and the Cowboys then tried to trade for veteran Josh McCown to backup Romo, but couldn’t agree on a deal with the Browns. Even with all that happening it still took for Tony Romo to get hurt in the preseason (which may have been the least surprising to happen given Romo’s recent injury history) to give Dak the starting nod.

The Cowboys seemed poised and built for a deep playoff run. The ‘boys play sound defense and they run the ball, as long as Prescott continues to throw the ball to his team and not the defense there is no telling how far this team can go. Dallas has to be recognized as a serious contender and the Cowboys would love nothing more than to win their first Super Bowl in 21 years in their in-state rivals stadium down I-45 in Houston.

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