FBS Texas College Football Week Eight Takeaways

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Photo via John Glaser, TexasHSFootball.com
By: Kyle Spishock (@kyleelconqueror)
October 24th, 2016


SMU upsets highly-touted Houston

What in the name of the Alamo happened in the Texas FBS Saturday?

Overall, Lone Star teams combined for a 4-7 record Week 8 — three of the victories came against fellow Texan programs. The most surprising victory was the Pony Express trampling No. 11 ranked Houston 38-16.

Since Ponygate, SMU has only one winning season in nearly 30 years, and have a record 3-43-1 (.048) against top-25 ranked teams in that span; the Cougars victory was their first against a ranked team in five year. Could the Mustangs be on the rebound?

Unless they get busted for coach Morris owning a helicopter for recruiting, or sneaking gifts to their student athletes again, all signs seem to point towards “yes”. SMU are two wins from being over .500 and have an impressive recruiting class next year including Lake Travis studs Charlie Brewer and Cade Brewer.

During Saturday’s upset, the Mustangs’ pass-rush was suffocating, sacking Houston quarterback Greg Ward Jr. seven times and limiting him to 100 yards below his passing average.

In the aftermath of the loss, the Cougars took a nosedive from the AP rankings for the first time this season. According to the ESPN power index, Houston has an 83% chance to lose against Louisville.


Mayfield revenge…again

You should have heard what Red Raiders students were chanting to Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield in his second game against his former alma mater:

Yeah… obviously Mayfield was going to try and exact his vengeance against Kliff & Co. like he did last season, when he curb stomped Tech 63-27. With a defensive unit ravaged with injuries, Oklahoma still duplicated the win, but their victory was overshadowed by Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes III record-breaking 819 yards of total offense from 52-of-88 passes (59.1%), five touchdowns, and one interception.

Former Lake Travis grad Mayfield was the more accurate passer with 27-of-36 passes (75%) for 545 yards, along with an Oklahoma record seven passing touchdowns with no interceptions (266.3% quarterback rate).

Strong isn’t as name describes in UT loss

Man, I’m starting to take pity on the Longhorns third-year head coach. Something about the last two games has me secretly rooting for UT to right the ship before coach Strong inevitably drowns in the abyss of his losing record. After demoting buddy Vance Bedford to DB coordinator, coach Strong took over play-calling, organizing a complete disaster against Oklahoma, before leading two commendable defensive outings against Iowa State and Kansas State.

The three-point loss beneath the paws of the Wildcats puts UT at 3-4 for the third consecutive season and in a dire situation where they must win three of the remaining five games to become bowl eligible. Regardless of the outcome, coach Strong’s fate seemed signed, sealed, and delivered after the Red River loss.

The Longhorns are the most valuable team according to Business Insider: the program rakes in $121.4 million in annual football revenue and each player is worth an estimated $671,173 per year. With that kind of money, Texas can hire any coach they desire. When only perfection is warranted, being merely adequate doesn’t suffice on the Austin campus.


Rice gets first win

Well, I guess this reporter was proven wrong. Earlier in my “Texas FBS Takeaways”, I condemned the Owls to fluttering through the season winless with clipped wings and terrible hunting instincts brought on by too many concussions from repeated impact. As they say, it’s more difficult to go undefeated than winless.

Rice became the last team in the FBS to earn a ‘W’ with a 65-44 romp over Prairie View. How the Panthers have four wins this season is beyond me, and is an inquiry I have absolutely no desire researching. Also, never type “Rice Grand Prairie” into Google; you will spiral into a world of the best Asian Cuisine located in Grand Prairie, Texas.


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