The Dallas Cowboys and Frisco ISD Partner Up

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By Warren Schorr @wschorr
August 4, 2016

The Cowboys have already moved into their fancy new digs at The Star in Frisco from Valley Ranch. With the move to Frisco the corporate headquarters sit on 91-acres and on that land sits the Ford Center, a 12,000-seat multi-use facility that Frisco ISD will be able to use.

The city of Frisco and Frisco ISD contributed $115 million to build facilities and the headquarters with the ability to use the facilities. Frisco ISD now has eight high schools and prior to The Star only had two stadiums to play those games in, now the situation has been solved.

“We were looking at places to build a third stadium because we needed it, but the Ford Center and The Star kind of just fell into our lap,” Frisco ISD athletic director David Kuykendall said. “When the city and the Cowboys started talking about this facility, the city brought us into talks and for us it was a no-brainer to do.”

Frisco ISD will be able to use the Ford Center for many events other than football as well. For football, they have it reserved every Thursday and Friday during the regular season and Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the playoffs. In addition to football, FISD graduations will be held there and the FISD soccer tournament will also have games there as well as 10-15 regular season soccer games.

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FISD helped fund the building of Toyota Stadium in Frisco, so they could use the fields for football and soccer activities, the same partnership they are entering with the Cowboys.

“This is almost the exact same thing that happened when Lamar Hunt and FC Dallas built then Pizza Hut Park, we were looking at building another stadium, but the city came to us to see if we wanted to be partners and we jumped at the opportunity.” Kuykendall said.

FISD is also hoping that there can be more collaboration between the Cowboys and schools in the future.

“As of now, we haven’t been notified if we can use the other facilities at The Star, but if our coaches can mingle with the Cowboys coaches that would be huge for them the same goes for the players, what an experience that would be.” Kuykendall said.

At the announcement of The Star in 2014 for The Star Jerry Jones said he envisions a time when Tony Romo walks off the field and he passes high school players walking to the same field.

With the addition of The Star, Kuykendall expects that families that are looking to relocate will look to Frisco first due to the facility and with the eight high schools; the opportunity to play is greater than other schools in the area.

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The Star Kickoff is Saturday, August 29th with a quadruple header. The two newest high schools in Frisco, Independence and Reedy will kick things off at 9:00am. 5A state finalist Lone Star will take on Heritage at 12:30pm and that game will be broadcast on the ESPN family of networks. Wakeland vs Liberty will play at 5:30pm and the two oldest high schools in Frisco, Frisco High and Centennial will play the nightcap at 8:30pm. Tickets are already sold out for both sessions.

This partnership between FISD and the Cowboys will work for both entities, the Cowboys will be able to grow the game, and FISD will give an experience to kids that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere.


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