“Is My Kid Ready to Play Tackle Football?”

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Sammy Joseph
September 1, 2016

Football is an exciting game with an amazing culture, and youth football across America has made giant leaps.

Youth football is now extremely competitive and has evolved into an amazing experience for athletes. From elaborate SuperBowls in different states, to the cool, futuristic uniforms, and specialized cleats.
But this fall, thousand of parents will ask themselves “Is my kid ready to play tackle football?” Kids grow and develop at different rates and this is a very relevant question regarding football.

Football requires awareness, quickness to get around defenders, hand-eye coordination to catch the ball and block, and also focus to learn multiple formations and know where you are suppose to be when a play happens.

The game America loves allows players to strike violently and, the truth is, some are ready. The ones that are ready understand how to tackle safely and also know how to get tackled safely. Some of our youth athletes are not, which results in concussions and damaged growth plates for youth athletes. According to National Council on Youth Sports Safety, concussions in youth sports has increased 60% in last ten years.

Developing athleticism should be the goal for any youth athlete. Sports facilities across the country are now specializing in youth athletic development and helping prepare athletes mentally and physically for sports, which increase safety. Consistent evaluations should be a priority in youth football, making sure good technique and having a fun playing football are the optimal goals.


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