TexasHSFootball.com’s Best Writing Of 2016

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It’s about to be a new year, it was a crazy season in Texas High School Football, and it’s becoming a good bowl season as well. Here are some of our favorite stories from the past year, with some of the best writing on the site to go with it.

A factoid that we still think is the best (even though the attendance has been recently beaten): Texas’ Best Attended State Title Game Outdrawing All College Bowl Games So Far.

Our photography has been excellent as well. Here’s The Best Photos From State Week.

Read a longform essay on the concept of “team”, how it’s changing, and how it’s staying the same.

Completely lost in the traditional stars of Class 2A was Wade Williams and the Wellington Rockets, who are easily one of the prides of the Panhandle.

It seems crazy, but we promise it isn’t: Justin Tucker, Baltimore kicker, has a case to be the MVP of the entire NFL.

Our El Paso correspondent Tony Venegas was outstanding in his coverage of the region all season long. Here’s his favorite moments from a fun season of El Paso football.

Nick Gerber out of Levelland won our hearts this year with his gunslinging and ridiculous stats. He smashed record books all season long.

In round three of the playoffs, the Abilene teams faced a very unique predicament: every single one of them was picked to lose, and picked to lose by a lot. Here’s why it’s dangerous to back a city into a corner.

Winning a state title is difficult, nigh impossible for most. In the words of someone who has won a state title, here’s what it takes to win one.

We celebrate winning in our culture, but we can learn just as much from the losses as well.

So, uh, something along the line broke UH this year, and we still don’t know exactly what it was. We likely never will.

Being a Division I athlete isn’t always the greatest. Here’s a day in the life of Michael Cendrick, a kid who is probably going DI.

In the small towns of Texas, Homecoming matters more than most would think.

Prince Mavula and Justin Northwest was one of our favorite storylines from this year. Here’s another side of Mavula, who has had to overcome a lot to get where he is.

Football isn’t always roses. Here’s 5 scandals that rocked the Texas High School football world when they occurred.

Kade Parmelly lead his Abilene Wylie Bulldogs to the state title game before they fell to Carthage. A year ago, Parmelly didn’t know if he’d ever play again.

Our wonderful interns got to experience a state title as students of Lake Travis. Here’s their perspective on LT’s title run.



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Texas A&M Falls To Kansas State In Texas Bowl

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