Top 4 NFL Players With Style From Texas

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Football and style are two words that just seem to go well together.  From the “old” days when the coaches uniform consisted of a fedora and blazer a la Tom Landry, to Joe Namath and his fur coats to modern day players like Cam Newton and his beloved bow ties. Yes style and football go hand in hand.   

Joe Namath
Tom Landry

Maybe its the Instagram world or simply better access to players, but its seems that the football players today are taking it up a notch.  We all know the usual suspects that make the best dressed in the NFL list but lets look at how many of our Texas Boys can bring home the most stylish NFL player award.

# 4 Mathew Stafford, Highland Park, Detroit Lions

His transformation into a stylish player was definitely due to some help from some style icons of the past.  In 2012 Jerry Rice and Steve Young took Stafford into the Van Heusen Institute of style to transform him from a  “meh” style to poster boy worthy style icon.   Check out his journey here.  His stylish wife Kelly Hall Stafford probably had a little bit to do with his style turn around too. A stylish woman usually does.

Photographed by: Vue Photography

#3 Earl Thomas III,  West Orange Stark, Seattle Seahawks  

When you play with Russel Wilson two things are certain, you are bound to be on a good team, and you’re bound to pick up some style.  Weather or not Earl Thomas was stylish before his Seahawk days… he is now.  From adventurous Cobalt blue patterned suits to a traditional  black coat and fedora he has it down, and he makes it look effortless.  Of course his beautiful wife Nina on his arm definitely helps.

#2 Dez Bryant, Lufkin HS, Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant  plays for one of the most stylish teams in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys.  So it is no surprise his style game better be on par to step up and stand out. Dez doesn’t disappoint in the style department. From dapper suits to fur lined coats and magazine covers, like his shoot for fashion forward  Flaunt Magazine.  He even has his own lifestyle and apparel brand   ‘ThrowUpTheX’.

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#1 Von Miller,  Desoto, Texas A&M, Denver Broncos

The linebacker from Desoto is anything but boring. Ask any football player and they will tell you Linebackers are a little on the wild side, it just goes with the job. But with the wild streak comes some great hearts and amazing style.  From denim shirt and a felt cowboy hat to a pink hoodie , to a  dapper traditional blue suit… Von Miller can rock it all. Even his cleats are killer.  His brand of fun and funky  style, mixed with his down to earth attitude all wrapped in one heck of a football player.

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Photo By: Madden NFL 17 – Start Me ft. Von Miller

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