FBS Texas College Football Power Rankings — Week Eight

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Photo via Gordon DeLoach, TexasHSFootball.com
By: Kyle Spishock (@kyleelconqueror)
October 24th, 2016


1. Baylor — Last Week: 2 (6-0)

Amongst a field of tattered Texas mascot helmets, the Bears are the only remaining undefeated Lone Star team. Somehow, we still know nothing about Baylor, minus the morally corruption that permeates the sporting news every week. The current leaders of the Big 12 have played one team with a winning record, and have yet to compete against a quality AP Top-25 opponent. The Bears rank tenth in points per game (43.7) and eleventh in fewest points allowed (17.2). We can say Baylor is better than what was advertised — a tasteful billboard of consistent play without the disgraced controversy of former HC Art Briles.

2. Texas A&M — Last Week: 1 (6-1)

Let me make this very clear: I do think the Aggies are a better team than Baylor. However, in my mind — and the AP Poll’s current ranking one notch beneath the Bears — they can’t retain the top spot until coach Grobe’s program have a blemish on their record. A&M’s schedule has been cumbersome so far, but the toughest stretch is now in the rearview mirror. There’s a high chance they can run the table from here on out, judging from their impressive performance against mostly stellar teams. However, stumbling in the second half against Alabama isn’t going to win them any fans with the CFP committee; the Aggies allowed twenty unanswered points and allowed the Crimson Tide their ninth defensive touchdown of the season.

3. Houston — Last Week: 3 (6-2)

Once, there were three solid FBS teams in the Lone Star State. Now, there are only two. The Cougars were dazzled by the Pony Express’ gold-plated Mustangs, distracted by the bling of the SMU under-the- table gifts from seeing the 38-16 upset that transpired. Now, the Cougars may barely qualify for bowl contention, and coach Tom Herman will very likely start herding Longhorns on Bevo XV’s Austin pasture next season. The loss marked the second time Houston dropped the ball against an unranked opponent, and have looked like they are standing on uneven artificial turf the last three contest, allowing 38.3 points per game; Houston began the season 5-0 and limited opponents to 11.2 points per game.

4. Texas Tech — Last Week: 6 (3-4)

Too bad Tech can’t play defense. The Oklahoma game was billed as an offensive shootout, and the result was a complete “WTF” stat line that looked like a typo scribed by an intern that guzzled too many Red Bulls.

The game set the record for FBS most total yards (1,708) and NCAA quarterback total offense (819) by Patrick Mahomes III, who had an eye-popping 88 pass attempts. Additionally, the match broke records in first downs (76), most yards for a losing team (854), and combined yards passing (1,279). The defense isn’t likely to make America great again, but “The Trumpsterfire” is a fan:


5. Texas Longhorns — Last Week: 5 (3-4)

In the picking the lesser of two evils of duo putrid teams, I had to give the Longhorns the edge. Unlike TCU’s dispirited effort against West Virginia, UT came within spitting distance of overcoming Kansas State in Manhattan for the first time since 2002. The defense has looked improved over the last two games under the shot-calling of HC Charlie Strong allowing only 12 points.

However, like the Horned Frogs, UT has yet to defeat a quality opponent; they are 0-4 against teams with winning records.

6. TCU — Last Week: 4 (4-3)

7. SMU — Last Week: 9 (3-4)

8. UNT — Last Week: 8 (4-3)

9. UTEP — Last Week: 11 (2-5)

10. UTSA — Last Week: 7 (3-4)

11. Texas State — Last Week: 10 (2-5)

12. Rice — Last Week: 12 (1-6)

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FBS Texas College Football Week Eight Takeaways

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