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Week 11 Fan Vote Player of the Week Poll

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Vote for the Week 11 Player of the Week

This list is compromised of the most outstanding player in games our writers covered, as well as the most nominated name when we asked on social media. Throughout the year, we will have many players from many different schools in this poll, and we will do a short feature on the winner and have a running list of winners on our website.

This poll is for you. Have fun. Vote often.

If there is a top performer we missed, let us know and we will put them on our radar. With such a large state and over 100,000 high school football players, some top performances will be missed. Also, many schools do not make stats readily available to media, making it difficult to include players’ performances difficult to look-up and include from those schools.

The Week 1 Fan Vote Player of the Week was Caleb Bell from Texas City

The Week 2 Fan Vote Player of the Week was Jacob Wilburn from Regents School of Austin.

The Week 3 Fan Vote Player of the Week was Logan Cundiff from Fossil Ridge.

The Week 4 Fan Vote Player of the Week was Dillan Botts from Bridgeland

The Week 5 Fan Vote Player of the Week was Sir’Maje Wallace from Mesquite

The Week 6 Fan Vote Player of the Week was JT Smith from Beckville

The Week 7 Fan Vote Player of the Week was Errick Mills from Everman

The Week 8 Fan Vote Player of the Week was Tre Hafford from China Spring

The Week 9 Fan Vote Player of the Week was Claudio Torress from St Joseph Academy

The Week 10 Fan Vote Player of the Week was Cardea Collier from Alvarado

Second and Third place finishers in the poll will join the top finisher as our “Fan Vote Top Performers of the Week”



Week 11 Fan Vote Player of the Week

Which player had the best performance this week?

The poll has expired!

Marcus Johnson, Conrad12 (0%)
Vaughn McKeever, The Woodlands John Cooper15 (0%)
Mike Hawkins, Allen16 (0%)
Brennan Storer, Highland Park17 (0%)
Emerson Cagle, Aubrey 18 (0%)
Harrison Rosar, Prosper19 (0%)
Hudson White, Glen Rose20 (0%)
Tre Guerra, Keller23 (0%)
Justin Cannon, Rouse 28 (0%)
Tayden Barnes, Amarillo Tascosa44 (0%)
Darius Clark-James, Channelview83 (0%)
Aaron Darden, Trophy Club Byron Nelson90 (0%)
Kevin Dodard, Lake Country Christian92 (0%)
Marques Neal Jr, Channelview196 (1%)
Kye Hightower, Moore198 (1%)
Zane Wofford, Cedar Ridge214 (1%)
Matheus Machado, Emerson384 (1%)
Malachi Jerome, Killeen Shoemaker 386 (1%)
Graham Knowles, Southlake Carroll468 (1%)
Maddux Reid, Parish Episcopal 486 (1%)
Nicolas Radicic, Coppell1080 (3%)
Caleb Sempebwa, McKinney Boyd1656 (4%)
Landon Thigpen, Godley2209 (6%)
Jordan Livesay, Lometa 3205 (8%)
Hayden Wright, Abilene Wylie6179 (16%)
Jayden Bridgewater, Alvarado8946 (23%)
Bryce Morton, Richland 12106 (32%)


*Note: There are a lot of security measures built into the poll to stop any irregular voting, including but not limited to our ability to track and limit IP addresses, vote frequency limitations, option placement variation, and several other security measures. It is common for players to get a group of friends or supporters together, especially if they have a large social media presence, a high school or college sharing the link for them, or a supportive community sending out messages to vote when the poll gets close, and be able to put together thousands of votes per hour, especially in the last day or two of a poll. So, vote often, have fun with it, and show support for the players! 


CLICK HERE to listen to the Texas HS Football Podcast, with Taylor Arenz

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